Opening a Fried Chicken Restaurant: What to Know & How to Start

Opening a Fried Chicken Restaurant: What to Know & How to Start

December 7, 2023

Opening a Fried Chicken Restaurant

Americans have an undeniable passion for fried chicken, and that can translate into a savvy business venture. If you're contemplating opening a fried chicken restaurant, learn more about the steps to get started, and why a Starbird franchise might be your recipe for success.

The U.S. fast-food restaurant industry is forecast to generate $289.6 billion this year. Fried chicken, with its iconic and beloved status, stands as a star player in the culinary arena. At least 22.27% of restaurants have fried chicken on their menus. To determine if a fried chicken franchise is the right path for your entrepreneurial journey, let’s look at what you’ll need to be successful starting a fried chicken business.

A Scrumptious Menu

Your journey begins with crafting the perfect menu. From crispy  fried chicken pieces to mouthwatering sides and delectable sauces, you’ll need a menu that tantalizes the taste buds. Consider adding vegetarian options or innovative twists to cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. Starbird was founded in 2016 by Aaron Noveshen and The Culinary Edge, a food and beverage consulting firm. We wanted to serve people high-quality, flavorful food at a price point that delivers convenience and value. Our fried chicken is gluten-free and never treated with antibiotics, and we focus on scratch cooking techniques. Our culinary creativity attracts a diverse customer base, promising higher sales potential. The menu includes a mix of sandwiches, salads, and tenders featuring traditional and international flavors. Our Thai Chicken Salad has Thai-inspired chicken tenders, cucumbers, carrots, Asian herb mix, crispy shallots, toasted sesame seeds, green papaya sauce drizzle, and a spicy herb aioli.

An Ideal Location

Location is the heartbeat of your restaurant's success. Seek out areas with high traffic flow, easy accessibility, and proximity to residential or commercial hubs. A strategic location can significantly impact foot traffic and customer volume. Conduct thorough market research to identify your local competition, customer preferences, and unmet needs. This valuable information will guide your product offerings and marketing strategies. As a newer brand, Starbird offers untapped market potential. Being part of an emerging chain allows you to help shape the brand's narrative and be part of its growth story.

The Right Paperwork

Opening a restaurant entails navigating local regulations, obtaining permits, and adhering to health codes. Ensuring your restaurant meets all legal requirements is essential before you start serving customers. We already have seven locations, and our leadership team has years of experience in foodservice. We’ll be there to hold your hand as you get your business up and running. Our comprehensive training and ongoing assistance equip franchisees for success.

Essential Equipment

You’ll need everything from deep fryers to cooking utensils. A tech-forward point-of-sale system will streamline orders, track sales, and enhance customer service. Our proprietary system will ensure you have the tools to serve high-quality cuisine in an upbeat setting. Our franchisees receive comprehensive training and ongoing assistance, simplifying the complexities of restaurant management. You can also leverage collective purchasing power for cost-effective supply and equipment procurement.

Start Your Journey To Fried Chicken Success

While our menu featuring super premium fast food sets us apart from other chicken chains, our focus on convenience is central to our brand. We’ve seamlessly integrated technology with in-store kiosks and a user-friendly mobile app for quick and easy orders. Our customers don’t need to sacrifice food quality for speedy service. If you’re ready to turn your restaurant dreams into reality and want to focus on opening a fried chicken restaurant, partnering with Starbird can help you achieve your vision. Get started on your flavorful journey by connecting with someone from our franchise team today.

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