What kind of training do you provide?

Training is one of the main keys to operating a successful Starbird location. Our training team will begin with your operators months prior to the opening and be on site for multiple weeks during the opening months to make sure your team is set up for success.

Do you provide pre and post opening marketing support?

Yes! Our best-in-class marketing support will walk you through our 90 day pre-opening plan and support you through the opening. Our marketing support does not stop after the opening, we'll be with you every step of the way to maximize sales potential.

Is there support for finding and building my Starbird locations?

Yes! We provide full real estate and development support to make sure you are set up for success when searching and building locations.

How do I qualify to be a Starbird Franchisee?

We are looking for multi-unit operators who are looking to invest in multiple locations.

What does it take to open a Starbird?

The initial investment and start up cost ranges between $1.1M – $1.6M*. Costs vary by market and are affected by the square footage of the location and regionally specific costs associated with the build-out, equipment, materials, furniture, etc. * Refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document

How much is the franchise fee?

$40,000 for first location / $30,000 for each additional location with a $15,000 deposit due per additional location at signing

What are the ongoing royalty fees?

Franchisees of Starbird pay out 5% of net sales.

How much money can I make?

Starbird's Average Unit Volume (AUV) is $4.1M*! You can learn more about our sales and profitability by reviewing our FDD. Submit an inquiry here to learn more.

What is the average size of a Starbird restaurant?

Our restaurants range from 2,000-2,400 sq ft without drive thru. We produce high volumes out of our restaurants though dine-in, takeout, delivery and other digital ordering avenues.

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