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Crispy plant based protein, sliced tomato, classic slaw, dill pickles, Star Sauce

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We are reimagining fast food and are searching for passionate, hardworking, and excited people to join our team.

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Starbird Enrichment Programs:
Positively Transformative


To advance the lives of our employees by providing educational opportunities as a means for upward mobility in the lives & careers of the entire Starbird team.

Starbird wants to be a contributor to better all employees that work in our company. Whereas many companies give generously to worthy community-focused organizations, we will focus our philanthropic efforts on the development and futures of all our beloved team members.


Furthering the education growth of our teams
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Improving the language diversity of our teams
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Starbird Educational Fund

Benefits and Degree Requirements

Starbird is committed to contribute tuition reimbursements of $100,000 a year and up to $5,000 per employee per year (up to $20,000 over a period of four years) towards higher education. Program participation can be applied for any area of study at any accredited institution of their choice, including any two- or four-year colleges and universities offering bachelors, associates or trade degrees. Online programs, technical/vocational schools or language courses will also be included.

Eligibility and Performance

To qualify, a team member must work at least twenty hours per week in any restaurant position. The beneficiary must have at least 6 consecutive months of Starbird work experience before becoming eligible, and must submit periodic grade reports that confirm minimum grade requirements. Employees accepted into the Starbird Educational foundation must maintain a GPA of 3.0. During their time in the program, monthly counseling and reviews will be available to review the employees performance, discuss work / school balance and assist with any on-going issues the employee is facing.

Language Learning Program


Starbird has partnered with a comprehensive language learning system, Babble, and is offering free online memberships for all employees. With a Babble subscription, our employees will have a personal dedicated account to language learning growth and will be able to learn at their own speed. Babble provides real-life dialogue and builds each course based off specific native language and personal interests.

Eligibility and Performance

Babble program participation is available for all employees working in any position at Starbird. We encourage employees who participate to spend at least 1 hour per week on their account improving their desired language.

Starbird Chicken
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