Career Change at 40: Why Franchising Is the Perfect Fit

Career Change at 40: Why Franchising Is the Perfect Fit

January 3, 2024

Career Change at 40

Considering a career change at 40? Are you ready foryour second act? It’s never too late to make a change. If you're feeling theburnout of corporate America and a desire to seek new horizons, you're notalone. Discover why owning a franchise may be the opportunity you've beenlooking for to launch a second career and how to find the right franchise foryou.

Lack of job security, stagnant wages, and the overall economy are causing uncertainty and challenges. The technology industry alone has cut 253,629 white-collar jobs so far this year.The concept of a "silent recession" has emerged, where economic conditions remain challenging for a significant portion of the work force despite broader indicators, prompting many to seriously consider making a career change. The desire for a more stable and fulfilling professional life is a driving force behind the decision to explore new opportunities, including franchise ownership, to regain control over their career and financial future.

Yearning for Change

At 40, you've spent a significant part of your life dedicated to a specific career path. But as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average tenure of wage and salary workers aged 25 to 34 is 2.8 years. By the time you reach your forties, you might have already navigated multiple roles and companies. It's no surprise that the desire for change can become even more pronounced as you grow older and gain clarity about your career priorities.

A recent study conducted by Robert Half shows a significant uptick in burnout among professionals. At least 38% of working professionals report they feel more burned out than last year. Heavy workloads, insufficient resources, and lack of support from management are the primary causes leading to burnout, the survey revealed. The relentless demands of the corporate world often lead to exhaustion, both mentally and physically. Burnout can manifest as a persistent feeling of disillusionment with your current career path, signaling that it's time for a change.

Strategies for a Late Career Shift

If you’re tired of climbing the corporate ladder or are feeling overworked and underpaid, it may be time to consider new options. Individuals planning alate career shift can prepare effectively by considering four key strategies:

  1. Leverage your transferable skills: The experience and expertise you've accumulated over the years can be invaluable in a new venture. Instead of viewing your past career as  unrelated, find ways to transfer your knowledge to your next endeavor.
  2. Explore new opportunities:   Keep an open mind when exploring potential career changes. You might discover untapped interests and passions that align better with your goals.
  3. Invest in skill development: Don't be afraid to acquire new skills or build on existing ones.  Technology advances at a rapid pace, and more than 75% of people think artificial intelligence will negatively impact the job market. Being willing to learn  and adapt to modern technology or business strategies is a valuable asset     during a career transition.
  4. Network and seek  guidance: Reach out to mentors, industry peers,  and professionals who have made successful career changes. Their insights can provide invaluable guidance and provide options you may not have thought about yet.

The Franchise Path to a New Career

As you’re contemplating your future, let's understand why entrepreneurship is an excellent option for those considering a career change at 40. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and business ownership allows you to write your own success story.

Franchising offers the benefits of business ownership with the added advantage of a proven business model. You're not starting from scratch on a second career.You're entering a system with a track record of success. A franchise provides a structured framework, reducing the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. Franchise ownership offers a balance between the security of an established brand and the freedom of entrepreneurship. You get to be your own boss while benefiting from a network of support. Franchise brands provide comprehensive training and ongoing operational support. This guidance is invaluable, especially if you're transitioning from a different industry.

While all businesses come with risks, franchises often have a lower failure rate compared to independent startups. You're leveraging the success and reputation of an established brand.

Starbird: A Top Fast-Food Chicken Franchise

Considering a career change? A fried chicken franchise like Starbird could be the ideal business opportunity. The fast-food industry, particularly the chicken segment, enjoys consistent and growing demand. Americans have a deep love for fried chicken, making it a resilient market even during economic fluctuations. The averageAmerican eats out at least three times per month, and 57% prefer dining out at fast-food restaurants, according to a survey conducted by US Foods. Americans also rely on fast food for takeout and delivery. An average American orders delivery 4.5 times per month, primarily because eating at home is convenient and comfortable.

Starbird, with our innovative approach to fast food, has carved a niche in the industry. We were founded in 2016 by Aaron Noveshen and The Culinary Edge, a food and beverage consulting firm. We serve fried chicken that pairs with a range of sauces, salads, sandwiches, and more. Our chicken is antibiotic-free and individually hand-breaded in a blend of gluten-free flours and spices. Our commitment to quality, fresh ingredients and technology-driven solutions positions us as a franchise of the future. Starbird leverages technology to enhance customer experiences. With a focus on digital ordering and in-store kiosks, our brand aligns with modern consumer preferences.

As a franchisee, you become part of our emerging Starbird community, benefiting from ongoing support, training, and a positive atmosphere. We’re committed to creating an environment that encourages growth and success. We’re currently looking for multiunit operators who want to diversify their portfolio with a five-store area development agreement. The initial investment to debut a Starbird’s location is $1,116,907 to $1,656,763, including a $40,000 franchise fee. Five company-owned restaurants generated an average of $4,175,616 in gross sales in 2022.* At the end of 2022, Starbird’s had seven locations, with plans to add additional restaurants in 2023.

Learn More About Starbird

A career change at 40 may seem daunting, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Owning a franchise like Starbird offers the opportunity to explore a new path while leveraging your experience and skills.It's a chance to take charge of your future, find renewed fulfillment, and build a legacy for yourself and your family.

If you're ready to embrace a career change that combines the freedom of entrepreneurship with the security of a proven business model, consider franchising with us. Your journey to a more fulfilling career starts here.

Get started to learn more about franchise opportunities with Starbird and embark on your exciting career change journey.

*This is a historical representation of what some of Starbird franchised agencies earned, as described further in Item19 of the FDD.

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