Starbird Chicken
1241 W El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94086


Super Premium Fast Food.

We’ve reimagined fast food to meet the needs of a new America. We’ve kept the good parts, and fixed the bad ingredients, tastes and experiences.

We’ve created a world where eating conveniently and healthily are not at odds, and where affordability never has to be associated with sacrifice. At Starbird, fast food is positive and delicious, once again.

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Our Roots

Starbird was established in 2014 with the mission to reimagine fast food across America. Spearheading a new era of American fast food, Starbird brings the finest elements of QSR and fast casual together to create an experience that seamlessly delivers convenience, culinary credibility, and bold flavors. The only “super premium fast food” restaurant of its kind, Starbird is transforming the traditional fast food experience through its mobile app ordering system and “taste first” mission. 

Serving distinct from-scratch items using wholesome ingredients, Starbird’s “positively delicious” menu offering is satisfying, flavorful and thoughtfully crafted to bring the joy back to fast food. An innovative ordering platform and technologically advanced cooking methods make it possible for Starbird to introduce the evolution of traditional drive thru, reimagined for modern-day living.

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Our Ingredients.

When it comes to what makes our food super premium and positively delicious, the difference is in the details.

The Toppings.

Super premium. Super craveable.

The Process.

Our chicken is hand cut, hand battered, hand dipped, and small-batch fried. It’s hand-delivered happiness.
[Did we mention our batter is gluten-friendly?]

The Sauces & Spreads.

Housemade. Habit-forming.

The Bread.

Baked in house, all day long.

The Chicken.

Positively delicious locally raised, sustainably farmed, antibiotic free poultry. 

The Veggies.

Chopped by hand, pickled and roasted in house.


We’re on a mission to reimagine fast food. If you are passionate, engaged and excited about bringing delicious and wholesome food and genuine hospitality back to fast food, come join our team!


We believe in fixing the bad parts of fast food from the inside out. We’re creating a world where opportunities in the restaurant industry are the path to a better future, where our restaurants empower the communities they serve and where our version of “fast food” breeds positivity and joy.


We’re not the only ones who think we’re on to something. See what others have to say about Starbird!


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Sunnyvale School District